Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Unexpected Detour in Newcastle

So things, unfortunately, did not quite go as planned in Newcastle!  Thanks to something of a comedy of errors involving me deciphering the northern English accent just a touch too late, missing an important stop from the bus by just one stop, and running all over the Newcastle waterfront for the better part of an hour based on directions given by friendly locals (which sadly were conflicting, confusing, and ultimately didn't help much!) I ended up missing my ferry across the North Sea to Amsterdam. 

Thankfully that did not mean my trip was too tragically derailed.  After taking a minute to collect my thoughts, reflect on that even though I had an unexpected delay in my trip it didn't mean my trip was over, dodging somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen fare agents on a bad metro ticket (trouble is only trouble if you get caught!), and that this could just as much be an opportunity as a setback, I got myself settled in to a local hostel and found a flight which was leaving the following afternoon for Amsterdam from Newcastle airport for less than the cost of a new ferry ticket!  So seeing the opportunity I decided to settle in and cruise around Newcastle while waiting for my flight out.

 The streets of Newcastle

 The Grainger Street Market

An example of the old and varied architecture still standing in Newcastle

 The Theater Royal, currently showing the Pirates of Penzance!

 The Keep of the castle at Newcastle, the only remaining portion of the castle that is still standing to this day

 The new Moot Hall, built on the site of the original Moot Hall where town business was conducted and public meetings were held

 The Tyne Bridge, in the foreground are remains of the old town walls

 Just the sign I like to see outside of my kind of pub!

 A surviving section of the medieval town wall, which jutted north of this leg of Hadrian's Wall

Newcastle Chinatown Gate

And now it was time to hop the metro (legally this time) to the airport and wait for my flight down to Amsterdam.  Onward with the next step in the adventure!

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