Thursday, June 14, 2012

Open Letter to the Rede of the Troth

Open Letter to the Rede of the Troth:

I am an active Heathen and recently lapsed member of the Troth.  The reason I joined the Troth was because it is a Heathen organization that is open to anyone.  The Troth's stand on tolerance is the reason why a recent statement by Victoria Clare, the Steerswoman of the High Rede, on the matter of hailing Loki during Troth-sponsored events shocked me.  That statement is the reason why I am writing this open letter.

What surprised me the most about this statement was its uncompromising tone.  Early on it is asserted the matter of hailing Loki is, "irresolvable in a manner consistent with both frith and mainstream heathen sensibilities" followed by a reminder to "maintain the frith."  It is argued the hailing of Loki was causing strife without any explanation as to how or why.  It claims such practices, "cause dissension in our ranks."  It finishes by stating, "The Rede has agreed to review the language, but that does not mean any significant change should be expected in our policies or procedures."

These words are chilling to me.  This is not how an organization that values honesty and transparency with its members operates.  One of the great benefits I found with Troth membership was the space it provided for open discussion and dialog.  The language of this statement is contrary to the spirit of free discourse.

If the issue of hailing Loki is serious enough to cause strife it should be resolved with open discussion and debate.  Let the ideas of all sides of the conversation be tested for their worth in public dialog just as the Gods did when They created Midgard(1) and our ancestors did when resolving matters great and small.

As long as this statement is the Troth's policy I will not renew my membership.  I hope the High Rede will reconsider their stance on this issue and resolve it openly and transparently.


Ryan Smith

1. Voluspo 6-16


  1. i could not agree more ryan. let the members themselves have their input in some way and actually consider the embers voices for starters

  2. Thank you, Ryan. This is why I wrote to Kveldulf before he came over for Trothmoot, to let he and the other elders know what had happened to their Troth. They were NOT happy at all, to see what had been done.

    Jalkr Temple keeper (the response system wants to post me as "anonymous"...)