Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi everybody!

So first off apologies for my somewhat sporadic posting pretty much everywhere lately. I'm kind of terrible about making myself stay to a particular schedule for this blog and life hasn't been helping. That said this blog is far from dead. I've got a few things planned that will be coming out soon (hopefully I can make myself do something every week)

Speaking of stuff planned a few months ago I said I would be ripping Atlas Shrugged apart one chapter at a time. At the time I thought I would be able to plow through the book in a decent amount of time then turn around and do my chapter by chapter breakdown. I thought this was perfectly reasonable; I've been able to chew through doorstoppers as big and bigger than Rand's yellow brick in a couple of weeks without a problem.

My mistake was grossly underestimating how head-splittingly bad this book is. Four months later I'm barely 200 pages in. Before anyone says, "Keep an open mind" or something like that I'm not even talking about the ideas Rand expresses or how she presents them. From a literary perspective this book is terrible. It reads like it was a first draft that was never reviewed. The characters are at best two-dimensional, the descriptions are ripped out of 30s pulp fiction, and there is probably not a single thing I feel any interest in.

Leaving all that aside what makes this book so hard to slog through is the righteously spiteful tone oozing from the pages. Regardless of whatever else was motivating Rand to write this book she was writing it from a place of some serious hate. Sometimes it gets downright painful to hack through the bile. Once I finish the thing (I'm hoping for some time in September. Maybe) I'll get started on the series.

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